The 2 Minute Promise

Half the Commercials than All the Other Seattle Radio Stations

August 1, 2015

Q. Why did you decide to start the 2 Minute Promise®?
A. We asked you, our listeners, to help us understand what would make The End a better station. You told us the #1 issue was too many commercial blocks that seem to go on forever. That’s why the 2 Minute Promise® was born – to give you fewer commercials overall and to put them into shorter segments. Thanks for the suggestion.

Q. So what does this mean for me?
A. More music, mostly. By cutting back the number of commercials, The 2 Minute Promise® gives us more time to play your favorite End artists and to expose more new music. We’re excited about The End being not only being Seattle’s new music leader, but also the leader in this new way to present music on the radio!

Q. Are there more commercial breaks?
A. No. Most other Seattle radio stations play commercials 2 or 3 times an hour. Some even 4. With the 2 Minute Promise®, we keep it to 3, but never more than 2 minutes for each.

Q. Why do you keep stopping even for short periods of time. Why not get it over with at one time and then play music?
A. You’ve told us short commercial breaks are easier to sit through. They also help highlight the sponsors who make it possible for us to play half the number of commercials other station’s play. 

Q. If you cut back on commercials, does this mean you’ll cut back on other things, too? Shows? DJs?
A. The only thing we’ve changed is that we now play fewer commercials which leaves more time for music. Your favorite End artists are still here along with new music for you to discover all hosted by The End’s great personalities.

Q. Radio stations makes changes all the time. How long will you actually stick with this?
A. It’s already been more than two years and we are just as committed as ever to this approach. We’re in it for the long haul.