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Closed Marquis

A list of new restrictions in WA as we head into the holidays.

Just a week and change before Thanksgiving, we're about to regress a bit in the fight against this pandemic. To our workers and businesses - I know this hurts. We do not take lightly the impact of these restrictions. But this much is clear: We cannot enjoy a full economic recovery before we have... Read More
Foo Fighters

Watch Foo Fighters debut "Shame Shame" on Saturday Night Live

Dave Grohl took a break from challenging children to play the drums on the internet to get his band, Foo Fighters, back into rehersals and now into the studio . The teased us through the week and then delivered some new music on Saturday Night Live, "Shame Shame." Video of Foo Fighters: Shame Shame... Read More
Gregr's Nerd Talk logo

This week's best of Nerd Talk

My favorite story of the week involves NASA celebrating the continuous presence of humans on board the Internation Space Station for the last twenty years. Trying out a little #NerdTalk video! A post shared by Gregr (@heygregr) on Nov 6, 2020 at 10:03am PST Enjoy some hot link action from the last... Read More
Solar System Graphic

Watch this dude show off the scale of our solar system

Understanding the actual scale of our solar system is eye opening to just how empty, limitless, and lonely life is off of our planet. You think you were feeling isolated during lockdown... Take for instance just the space that separates us from Earth's own moon: Now, this dude takes it a step... Read More
Matt Maeson

EndSession: Matt Maeson played us a song he wrote in Seattle

Even from a safe social distance, there’s an obvious effortlessness to the talent of Music Discovery artist Matt Maeson , who shared a fun fact with us – he actually wrote the song “Hallucinogenics” while staying in a hotel room in The Emerald City after one of his early tours. It’s almost like we... Read More
Olivia Vedder & Lella Anders

Nicole Alvarez sits down with Olivia Vedder & Lella Anders

priv·i·lege /ˈpriv(ə)lij/ : An advantage. The word "privilege' has been in the spotlight this year more than ever. We have all had to come to terms with it and what it stands for in our individual lives. The question I have been asking myself is, "how does my privilege affect other people?". Some... Read More
Asian Giant Hornet being held

They sucked up all those murder hornets!

UPDATE/CORRECTION: all of the hornets survived but thankfully remain in captivity. What looked like a team of SpaceX astronauts destroyed a newly discovered Asian giant hornet nest. Quite a morning shooting Asian giant hornets and our WA Ag workers taking them out in Blaine. Love those sting-... Read More
Asian Giant Hornet being held

They found the first murder hornet nest!

I know they want me to call them Asian giant hornets but field researchers have tracked and found visual evidence of murder hornet nest on a property in Blaine, WA <- that's next to Canada. The rumors are true - our entomologists located the first-ever #AsianGiantHornet nest in the U.S. late... Read More