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Locals Only playlist with Ravenna Woods and Dark Smith

Week after week we have been loaded up with brand new music on Locals Only and this Sunday was no different. Ravenna Woods came by for the first hour of the show to play tracks from their new album Disappearing Someone . First of all, the album is really good. Second, discussing their new music... Read More

Skating Polly

SUPPORTED BY RAINIER BEER ABOUT There's a difficult to describe, yet timeless quality to certain songs that transcends genre or era. It's something that you can't fake or contrive and it's what lies at the core of Skating Polly's music. The multi-instrumentalist duo of Kelli Mayo and Peyton... Read More

The Hollers

In a music industry filled with auto-tune, synths, and drum machines, Seattle's indie rock outfit The Hollers have set out to pave their own path while staying true to their roots. Comprised of four seasoned musicians, The Hollers wear their influences on their sleeve while putting a large focus on... Read More

Car Seat Headrest

Will Toledo had a massive 2016. His band Car Seat Headrest gained critical acclaim for the album Teens of Denial, a followup to the 2015 LP Teens of Style, and ended up at the top of nearly everybody's "Best of the year" lists. No stranger to success, the now seven-piece band (which happens to... Read More


At 30 years old, Batey is already a seasoned veteran of Seattle’s high-achieving music scene. The Montana native arrived 12 years ago intent on tapping into the city’s longstanding creative legacy and immediately joined a band seeking a singer-songwriter-frontman. Buoyed by genuine instrumental... Read More

Smokey Brights

MUSIC Come to Terms by Smokey Brights ​ FOLLOW Facebook | Twitter | Instagram ABOUT It was Christmas 2010 when Ryan Devlin (guitar, vocals) and Kim West (keys, vocals) first sang together. As the two approached their first holiday season as a newly-formed couple, they looked at their woefully... Read More


ABOUT Translated as “simple” in Welsh, SYML is the creation of Brian Fennell, a Seattle-native and founding member of the band Barcelona. With a keen grasp on textural and emotive songwriting, Fennell combines bare piano, minimalist synth and string-capes with ethereal vocals to take the listener... Read More

Locals Only Artist of the Month: J GRGRY

ABOUT Joe Gregory is J GRGRY, but J GRGRY isn't Joe Gregory. As a recording and performing artist, Joe Gregory resides at the intersection of tradition and evolution. After half a lifetime spent making music, he's finally realized his grand vision, perfecting an emotional, accessible style of... Read More

Locals Only Artist of the Month: Perfume Genius

ABOUT Known early as a poster-wraith for notorious, joyous, tortured and free boys, girls and their fellow travelers, the first two albums by Perfume Genius consisted largely of exquisite and cruelly abbreviated songs seemingly sung in the dark at a piano with all the silences left in. The... Read More